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Scarlet Macaw in flight

Chosa Royale is represented outside of Costa Rica by SmartSourcing Business Solutions Llc and offers spectacular Osa Peninsula properties in southern Costa Rica for group events and activities. We will continue to add locations in the coming weeks and months as word spreads about what we're up to, so stay tuned for more exciting options. 


We debut with one very special and exotic, 4-acre, (1.4-hectare) tropical oasis, nestled into a strip of jungle land straddling two neighborhoods of Puerto Jimenez, a small, travel-friendly, jungle/beach town. The large grounds are part of a main diurnal and nocturnal throughway for a diverse collection of exotic animals. A visit here is a true jungle experience but within a 5-minute walk from the Osa Peninsula’s human center, Puerto Jiménez. 

Hundreds of people can be hosted at private gatherings. The in-town property (Puerto Jimenez) sleeps up to 50 guests in various configurations with one King bed, two Queen beds, eight Double beds, and twenty-eight single beds making room configurations easy, with so many beds to choose from.

It's ideal for small and/or intimate groups looking for privacy and all the conveniences while enjoying a large, staffed property in the heart of a small tropical town. It has four lounges, seventeen bedrooms, twenty-two bathrooms, three kitchens, and a tropical restaurant and bar to name but a few of its many attributes. The main lounge area is perfect for private parties, weddings, workshops, retreats, product launches, and many kinds of group activities.

The property is a camouflaged collection of Villas, Cabanas, Suites, and Rooms connected by raised walkways, trails, bridges, open-air lounges, and ponds located throughout the property allowing close-up wildlife viewing 24/7/365!


Common wildlife sightings on the property include four species of Monkeys, Kinkajous, Raccoons, Coatis, Ocelots, Anteaters, Sloths, Armadillos, Raptors, Toucans, Scarlet Macaws, Crocodiles, Lizards, Snakes, Hummingbirds, Iguanas, and many other Birds, Insects and Reptiles. All terrestrial insect and animal photos were taken onsite. Visitors routinely report that they see more wildlife here than at many other Costa Rica locations including some national parks. 

It's a 2-minute walk to Puerto Jimenez airport, the National Park office, and several car rental companies. A 5-minute walk to the center (large grocery store, various small shops, tour operators, banks, gas station, bike rentals, boutiques, bus station, taxis, etc.) An 8-minute walk to Puerto Jimenez beachfront (sandy beach, main boat dock, several restaurants, bars, boat tour operators, kayak rentals, mangroves).






It's a short drive to world-class beaches great for swimming, walking, and playing. Exceptional surfing can be found at Matapalo. You can also explore Osa’s world-famous destination, Corcovado National Park (CNP o PNC). 

The property has tourism, hotel, restaurant, bar, and event center licenses to accommodate all your needs. Event planning and catering are available upon request. They strive to maintain a healthy level of cleanliness and comfort, amidst the primeval Osa jungle and the wild tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean. Wi-Fi is available in most of the rooms and communal areas of the in-town property. 

Birders Bonus: The Puerto Jimenez property is a registered birding hotspot that can be viewed at It's a birder’s paradise - you don’t need to leave the property to see impressive Macaws, Toucans, Tanagers, Flycatchers, and numerous other varieties of exotic birds playing throughout the gardens. Make sure you walk the paths with your cameras ready. 

We'll be happy to discuss either in-town or out-of-town properties with you, so just reach out for more info. 


We look forward to communicating with you!

Andrew and Jackie

Spider Monkey at Chosa Royale
Chosa Royale pond
Toucan photographed  at Chosa Royale

Boots on the Ground

Andrew will be your initial group contact


Andrew is your initial contact who coordinates with group leaders looking to explore venues for Weddings, Retreats, Workshops, Product Launches, Parties and Public or Private Events.

Jackie will be your onsite, local contact for retreats and events.


Jackie is the star who is onsite for most group retreats and events. She is your onsite coordinator that helps with all local inquiries. She's well loved and respected by those who know her. 


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What They're Saying

Everything I expected, and more

"I recently ran a photography workshop with the help of Chosa Royale. What can I say… Andrew, Jackie, and the whole team made my experience and therefore my guest's experiences as smooth as possible. They went out of their way on a number of occasions to go above and beyond for me. I wasn’t expecting to have such a helping hand from all of them, but it certainly made my life a lot easier. I feel I have friends for life on the Osa and I will be returning again to run more workshops. I would definitely recommend it!" Charlie Page, Photographer, UK. May and June of 2023.

Anny Shaw

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